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After an exhausting week of anticipation for the little boy to finally be well and be back to his old self, we're looking forward to giving ourselves the needed pampering (big grin). It was no letting up. Being very concerned parents, we brought Angelo to his pediatrician a couple of times this week. He had to go through more laboratory tests after what seemed like a hangover from his Bronchopneumonia, which was the cause of his hospital confinement. So just today, reading the diagnosis and test results, little boy is negative for everything we were scared he would have contracted.

Thank God.

As per the previous post - new year is always an opportunity to begin anew:

We went through an unfortunate new experience, but with enough grace and strength - we were able to surpass the challenge and learn a new lesson. Zai Angelo noticeably lost weight and had to change to a new formula and was also prescribed new vitamins. Alli is back at work, training a new class for a new account. Toni is just basically waiting for new assignments to design.

Speaking of design, we have finally decided to give this site a new look, as well as our multiply sites. In between the busy days of December, the husband was bent on creating a look that's simple and relaxing. Ommitting annoying advertisements, arranging the cluttered pictures and texts and finally coming up with a design that's quite unique. Although not the most techie guy around, Toni is proud enough to have tinkered with new ways of understanding computer language - like CSS and html codes.

Hopefully with the advent of the new design comes new posts and new stories. The Corteses can't wait to share the adventures and experiences during their Davao trip, together with other new things that will come this year.

final dose:
this photograph was taken in Eden Park, Davao City.


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A.Cortes said...

i like... i like...
glad we made the change to a new look..

site still under construction though. (minimal glitches) ahehehe =)


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