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Happy New Year!

If we are to look forward to a better year, 2008 will be it. The number eight represents a good sign, it is supposed to bring good fortune and abundant blessings. Interestingly, each new year is always filled with hope and everyone has a chance to begin anew and amend what had not been accomplished during the previous year.

New Year's resolutions -- wishing you have somehow filled your list with some "do-able" resolutions for two thousand and eight. Allison has promised to at least be a little neater this year. Toni is targeting to land a good job in a decent architectural firm once he finishes his continuing studies. Angelo has not shared his own resolutions yet, but hopefully being able to talk clearer would be quite a simple task for him.

The year of the earth rat will officially start on the seventh of February.

If you are superstitious enough to believe that the end numeral for this year reflects a symbol of eternity, then this might just be your lucky year. But then again it is not on mere "beliefs" alone, it should also be coupled with tremendous hard work. Now don't get it wrong -- but if zero eight, based on the Chinese lunar calendar is the year of the earth rat, it is undeniable that there are some people that consider this rodent as a serious pest. Hopefully, we won't regard the year as a year of pestilence but rather look at the rat year as a year of opportunity and good prospects.

Seriously though, we have come to think that this year might be plagued with misgivings and misfortunes.

The first week of the first month has not been very pretty for us. After quite a relaxing and enjoyable holiday in Davao, Angelo was directly admitted to the hospital on the afternoon of the day we came back to Cebu. We were concerned with his constant vomiting, lessening appetite and high fever. Little boy was diagnosed with Bronchopneumonia on the 30th of December and unfortunately had to be admitted. We ended up celebrating the New Year at room 419 of Cebu Doctor's hospital and had to settle for watching the fireworks through the hospital window. We spent four days taking care of our little boy with a dextrose line in his hand. Good thing all expenses were covered by our health insurance. Up until today, Angelo is still recovering and have had on and off fever. He is scheduled to see his pediatrician tomorrow and we're definitely praying that Angelo will be back to his mischievous self.

New Year, new challenges.
Whatever resolutions, whatever beliefs, here's hoping the Rat Year of Two Thousand and Eight will be a good year for everyone.

final dose:
please include Zai Angelo in your prayers, that he may get well soon.
thankfully the little boy is well enough now and back to being playful.
thanks for all those who visited us in the hospital.


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