a love-hate relationship

There might have been instances when you've heard people boasting about how they love their job and bragging about how lucky they are to have that kind of work, and you get envious since your own job sucks. Equally, there are instances when you hear people complaining about their job and whining about how they hate their work and wishing/wanting to hold picket lines to demand for the compensation they think they should be getting. Interestingly, there are also those people who, for some reason or another, just stay in between. Neither do they love their job nor do they hate it. Either they just keep mum or do not have enough guts. Either way, it's like practicing mediocrity.

I do not want to be included in the "in-between" list, but rather than complaining or to keep mum, I'll try to somehow think of a positive way to like what I currently dislike (hate is just too harsh a word). Enumerating the nice things your job brings is an excellent way to divert hatred towards work.

I'll try not to use love because "love my work" is just too much of a term to use.

  • i like my job because i get enough benefits

This could be one big reason why I'm keeping my work up until how long, I don't know how. the benefits answer the lack of other things I think I could be getting in some firm or the other way around in some cases. The company gives health insurance, which was such a big help in the hospitalization of little boy. Food and transportation allowance, health bonuses, performance incentives and company freebies among others. not to mention free coffee all day at that.
  • i like my job because of the people i work with

Getting along with the people in your office helps you to be in a good mood as you work. No one wants to be in a workplace with people they hate to be with. I understand my supervisor, I have no problems with my manager and most people in the company are around my age group. It's a hippie bunch of young professionals, etching their way in the corporate ladder and with a little love/hate relationship with some other departments, it makes the work environment a little more interesting.
  • i like my job because i get to strut my artistry.
Being able to express what you are most comfortable doing and to showcase the talent you possess is an opportunity for self-development, and it greatly encourages personal growth. The job description is not necessarily limited to the things which are defined. Given this opportunity, it was with pleasure that I have proudly helped create designs in our work area, company events and have even entered and won occasional competitions. Replicating the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel tower, constructing a full-sized robot and organizing parties and major events are a few of the self-fulfilling works my team and I have done.

Three reasons are more than just enough to stay sane in this industry. And if ever the big bosses get to read this crap, (which I truly doubt, but still I'm crossing my fingers big time that they won't) at least it's a noble way of enumerating the good things in our company. Sometimes the only reason I can think of liking my job is the mere fact that I have a source of income and am able to support my family, and that I don't find myself holding a placard in my hand, marching on the streets, joining unending rallies of whatever causes they are advocating.

final dose:
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