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At one point in my life I had wanted to be part of a mountaineering club. I went through this "initiation process" wherein we were asked to pack a bag with things that we think are the most essential for a mountaineer during a climb. Unfortunately, packing denim shorts together with Sunday clothes in a duffel bag did not help me become a member. That happened during my freshman year, but the thought of trying to join one more time did not ever occur in my mind again.

With that said, I never imagined I could stand at the foot of the tallest mountain in the Philippines - Mount Apo. On the second day of our holiday vacation in Davao, we went to this 80-hectare garden resort called the Eden Nature Park. Although only 40 hectares have been developed,it's amazing to know that about 90 percent of its' forest area is man made.

From the sumptuous lunch to the educational eco-tour, it was one fun-filled experience.

The Park offers a buffet lunch of delectable dishes, with the freshest ingredients right from their gardens; one can choose from a variety of greens to make a mouth-watering salad. It was so much fun watching the little boy enjoy the kiddie rides and run around the vast area of well-trimmed green lawns. Eden also boasts of clustered farms with varieties of different flowers and fruit-bearing trees. There are a lot of things you can do in Eden - go hiking along the stretch of forest trails, observe birds in the aviary, go swimming or play different games. Due to limited time, we were not able to go fishing inside the park, we could have either brought our catch home or have it cooked any way we want. The next time we visit Davao, I hope we can stay for at least a night or two in one of the log houses available in Eden Nature Park.

The mountain breeze, the fresh air and the serenity of the whole place got wifey and I thinking of how nice it is to be away from the bustling crowd, traffic and noise of the city. It was the vacation we (needed) wanted - to enjoy relaxation with the most important of people - family.

final dose:
view pictures of the little boy at Eden park here
more photographs when you click this link.


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Anonymous said...

lovely family, i hope God will bless you with more blessings!


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