a yuletide message

And so another year passes; a very full year with lots of ups and very few downs. A year of blessings and laughter. A year of love and life.

Angelo, one year and five months old now, is growing up to be a mischievous and healthy little boy, bringing so much joy and a few headaches into our lives. Mommy Day and Abuelita regale us with stories on the little boy’s antics every single day. Mama Rosan and Papa Marno dote on him and play surrogate “yayas” when they come over on Sundays. Daddy Tony makes time to visit his first grandchild and has lots of fun playing with Angelo.

We have been busy this past month preparing for our company’s annual Christmas party themed “Christmas in Paris.” Being part of the committee, we had to plan the layout and design of the area as well as do the decorating ourselves, which definitely took a lot of work. Toni almost single-handedly recreated the Eiffel Tower out of Styrofoam, with the help of Mama Rosan and her AutoCAD plotter. Thanks to Papa Marno and his 6-wheeler truck, we were able to transport all our decorations and materials to our party venue.

Allison was promoted to the Training Department last August and she has been handling back-to-back training classes, which she doesn’t mind doing at all. Toni will hopefully be graduating in March of 2008 and will start working for an Architectural firm within next year.

Our Christmas Wish is this… that we find time to sit back and thank the Lord for the blessings that we have received this year, and be optimistic for more blessings that 2008 will bring.

Happy Holidays!!!

May You and Your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With love and prayers,
The Corteses

final dose:
our 2007 Christmas card.


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