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And just like that, the first 31 days out of the 365 in the year just passed. Time sure is fun when you're having flies (ahehe). And before everyone else will be talking mush and feeling all corny this month of hearts, allow us to share what is in store for the Corteses this February.

While wifey felt the untimely loss of the joker, son of the braveheart and star of brokeback mountain last month, she can't help but cry for the lost chance of a valentine date with the (now late) hunky 28 year old heartthrob, God bless his soul. Alright I certainly made that up. Anyhow, aside from contemplating on a career move which we won't mention yet as we don't want to jinx it, things are looking quite busy for the hot momma, a couple of trainings lining up and four newsletters to be printed, one for every week of February.

The unpredictable health condition of little boy has been alarming, what with his vomiting just two days ago, a high fever for half of the day and excessive energy the rest of the night. As parents, we need to be cautious all the time. Aside from that, everything else is normal for Zai Angelo and as active as he is now, we're proud to say that he will be turning a year and seven months old come this February 20th.

Speaking of cautious, the big daddy is expecting an influx of examinations and a handful of notes to study this month. With a little luck and undying determination, he hopes to finally finish his continuing studies. He is way too cautious not to take heed of the jinx. With the announcement of the football tournament in the company, Toni is very eager to play one of his favorite sports again, he just hopes his team will do better this year and erase the semi-trauma of a disappointing winless record last season.

(pictures from left to right, click to enlarge)
the Corteses before toni's football game, Zai at 2 weeks
big daddy's csi-red team after yet another loss
little boy playing "kickball" @ eden nature park football field

Excitement and apprehension are building up. Celebrating the lovers month together for the second year now, toni and alli plan to make valentines a little more special this time by going out of town. But of course that would be a different story altogether, which we will soon share in a different post. So we hope you guys stay glued.

final dose:
happy hearts month from our family to yours


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akosikai said...

hahai, the love month..
and that hastang UP gig(oops, murag di related sa post, ^_^)
makiglimbisog(?) pa ko sa akong team lead kung makaleave ko sa 16th, heheh,=)..

A.Cortes said...

hi kai...
love month na jud intawn. makiglimbisog jud, murag lawm kaayo na bisaya dah..
well maayo unta na maka leave ka para daghan ta mo suporta sa hastang.

hmm..naa paman guro promo ang cebu pacific...



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