pictures of summer

It is definitely summer and the weather outside is not at all delightful. To think that we live less than 20 kilometers from the island of Mactan, a 30-minute drive to the nearest beach still eludes us even during weekends. The tropical heat has noticeably been increasing every single year. We should have known earlier how threatening global warming is to our planet. I should have believed Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" documentary. And humbly saying, our simplest contribution to the anti-global warming movement is NOT buying a car. Well, not just yet. hehe. The blazing heat is just unbearable and the April fool's news that the Canadian government is secretly trying to speed up global warming is not very helpful.

I know how I can be incoherent with topics sometimes, but reading through what I just wrote, it seems to make sense, don't you think? All these blah blahs are the results of me desperately wanting to have a summer vacation with my family. Obviously, I'm envious about how our little boy gets to dip in his mini-pool anytime while I just watch over him.

So until our busy schedule permits us to go swimming, we're allowing Zai Angelo to enjoy his plastic mini-pool in the meantime.

final dose:
the first picture of you, the first picture of summer seeing the flowers scream their joy
-lotus eaters


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