forty-eight years to go...

Exactly two years ago, Toni and I exchanged rings in a civil garden wedding ceremony. That was on the eighth of April, year 2006, and we were starry-eyed young lovers, ready to face the world hand in hand, daring anyone to cross our path and pull us down.

Exactly two years ago, Toni and I were eager for a child, excited about changing soiled diapers and breastfeeding, playing with the baby and being a family.

Exactly two years ago, we were naively optimistic. We were complacent in our own little world, never dreaming of the dragons we will have to conquer along the way.

It has been two years since that fateful wedding day, and boy, were we dumb. Dumb AND exceedingly ignorant. We knew nothing about babies and even less about the sleepless nights and incessant crying. Even dragons would be cowed by the wailing, red-faced alien masquerading as our baby. But persevere we did, since we really had no other choice, when you look at the big picture. And now...

Two years later, we ARE a family. We have been through falling down a step and pneumonia. We have been to Bantayan Island and Davao. We have been through some tears and a lot of laughter. It has all been worth it, worth the pain of childbirth and the nights of no sleep, worth the aching body and empty wallet, worth the permanent stretch marks and the loss of social life. I wouldn't trade places with Angelina Jolie herself.

So bring it on, world... we will face you together, and we dare anyone to cross our path and pull us down.

final dose:
Zai Angelo is ready and raring to slay his share of dragons!


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dr tes said...

congrats! ninyo tulo, molambo pa unta inyong banay.

bambit said...

wow, happy anniversary you guys!

kaith said...

oh wow, happy anniv :) all young couples can perhaps relate to this entry. i agree to what u said, that every sacrifice and difficulty is worth our blood, sweat and tears when it comes to our children.

more happy and blessed years ahead. :)

alli said...

thanks ladies... thanks for your heartfelt comments and congratulations.

paninguhaon gyud namo nga ipalambo ang among banay, doc tes.

chelsea said...

wow. thats sweet.

it has always scared me, planning ahead. maybe thats why most of my relationships are sh*tty. haha.

that more that 50 years pa.

*grow old with you* is a great song for the two of you


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