i am done with K1

Hi my name is Zai Angelo Arcenas Cortes, I am four years old, and I just finished my kindergarten one class.

My school, Marie Ernestine, just had our recognition day and I am one of the lucky students that received awards.

I did not only get one award but I have four awards. My mom and dad were so proud of me. I have an Award in Math, Award in Reading, Award in Arts and Award in Good Handwriting.

I have awards for Arts and Good Handwriting because maybe I got it from my dad, who is an architect. I have an award for Reading because my mom reads a lot and she teaches me how to read very well. I have an award for Math because my Nana is very good in counting numbers, she is an accountant.

here i am receiving my award

My classmate Mardi got a medal, but I said to my mom and dad that I will have a medal when I will be in kindergarten two. So I just need to study more and be good in school.

My parents gave me a Harry Potter two cd as a gift and my ninang Maica, ninang Monica and ninong Justin gave presents too because they were proud of me also.

I am just so happy to be done with kindergarten one and I am excited for kindergarten two, I am happy also that I made my parents very proud of me.

You can see more pictures of my school's recognition day in facebook.

final dose:
school is cool!


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Anonymous said...

congratulations angelo!


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