given to fly

Sometimes, things happen when you least expect it. Sometimes, things come in the most opportune time. Sometimes you wish it would have been earlier or a little later. But when it’s presented to you right then and there, it leaves you with only two choices - either you take it or refuse it.

Since my resignation, I have been happily staying at home for the first two months of the year; during which, I have established quite a routine and have luckily managed to keep myself busy with things. I stopped looking for a job, since I thought I was able to get at least one project per month, and financially we were able to handle it a bit. And when all things were running pretty smoothly, then came a job offer.

Initially, I would’ve gladly signed the contract right there and then. But on second thought, I would not want to let go of the freedom of my own time, me being my own boss. But I did. I took the offer, hesitantly though. And I let go of my so-called home office with a heavy heart.

And with the first week of my new work just barely over, it had been a learning experience to say the least. I could not say that I love what I am doing now, but I am trying to.

In an industry dominated by skilled workers, ostentatious engineers, conversant project managers, supercilious suppliers, this is quite invigorating. And I, the architect, am the most determined to gain as much knowledge as I can.
i believe i can soar to new heights

Final dose:
And sometimes is seen, a strange spot in the sky… a human being that was given to fly…


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