kia ora!

Hi, my name is Zai. I am four years old. I was Mr. New Zealand in my school's United Nations' celebration, and I won as Mr. United Nations for the ECE level, I also have the best in talent award.

me and Mardi, we represent New Zealand

My mom took a video of me when I was on stage for my introduction, she also made the speech that I said.

Hello everybody! My name is Zai Angelo Cortes, a K1 student of Marie Ernestine School – North Campus, and I represent the beautiful island country of New Zealand!
My country has many mountains, forests and volcanoes. Do you know the movie The Lord of the Rings? It was filmed there. New Zealand is rich with flora and fauna, like our national symbol, the kiwi. This is a bird that cannot fly.
If in the Philippines, you say Mabuhay, in New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, we say Kia Ora!
Thank you, everybody, and Kia Ora!

that's me onstage, i'm glad i memorized what i had to say

I had so much fun that day. There are more pictures of the event on facebook.

final dose:
i sure made my parents proud


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