Oh tis October

The first week just passed without me noticing how busy it was, and at the rate that things are going, I think I'm up to more busyness in this festive month. October is a month that wifey and I hold dear, it was during this time five years ago that we devoured every bottle of beer we could afford. It was Oktoberfest, needless to say, and we ended up drunk, happy and nasty almost each night of the whole month.

This year though, the month started not quite right. Instead of festivities, October welcomed us with unpleasantries. Chicken pox for wifey and bacterial infection for the little boy. And with only myself staying healthy, I had to juggle time going from one quarantined room to the other attending to two sick people. Luckily, my whole immune system withstood it.

Interestingly, this month has five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays which as I have been informed through SMS only happens once in 823 years. You may not believe it but I think this works to my advantage. Given this fact, I have more weekends to do all the stuff that needs doing this month. If the month gives me five weekends then equally I also have five P's to give the month too.

P for pox, to which I assume would end by the week's end.
P for pata, to the two pork hind legs that I just cooked recently to delicious hamonada.
P for party, to the parties lined up for this month, from birthdays to gatherings.
P for program, to which the little boy would be joining by the last week of the month.
P for project, to which I would devote the whole month doing.

cheers! for it is October!

So it is October, even with the first week being so rough, the whole month still excites me, I may just have to end this blog and booze it up. It is Oktoberfest, needless to say.

final dose:
I wonder what paul the octopus' prediction will be about october 2010.


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