my thank you to the loser

For the last two weeks, wifey and I ended each week partying with friends over booze and good music. It was F.U.N.

It was fun until one such loser tried to make a move on my wife. I admit, back in the days I also went through a stage where you hang out in bars, waiting for an opportunity to meet nice girls and hope that one thing will lead to another. But I had the delicadesa to at least give respect to someone else's girl, I don't go barging in if she is with someone else.

But this loser has some balls... what balls he has to really go out of the way to get my wife's number even if the two of us were already heading to the car, honestly I could have smacked you with the beer bottle I had in my hand. But lucky for you I did not, because I don't feel a bit insecure. You see man, you don't need to remind me that I have a pretty sexy wife, but thank you anyway, you made yourself look like a dumb-a** desperate loser.

Thanks to you, because that night I went home happy, reassured and had a blast in bed.

Allison - my sexy wife, drool you losers!

final dose:
be thankful to those who play dorks, they can be useful sometimes.


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Zeek Noshinowitz said...

I think he should have practiced more on his mother first. That way, he would have at least gotten your wife's disgust instead of not having gotten any attention at all.

toni said...

hahaha... bitaw praktis sa ta toh siya.

remember just, nag talk ta ani na topic sa taproom, mga experiences sa pag ila ila og girls sa mga bars. funny how the night ended with that.

i just realized now... hehehe

Zeek Noshinowitz said...

Hmmm... You just have me an idea...

Next time, let's talk about mga girls na makig ila-ila ug mga guys. And let's make sure to emphasize that these are really really HOT checks.

What do you think?

toni said...

verrrry nice (big grin)

i just hope the girls won't be any bit a loser or else allison would blog something like this too...

my thank you to the biatch!?!?

Zeek Noshinowitz said...

You mean to say... you want those girls to approach you when Alison is not around...?

toni said...

uhm... nope, ako pasabot is i think it would end up like what happened to that loser if walay ayo ang girl.

ok ok... murag nag libog ko dah, i think you know that alli is open to threesome?!?!?

hahahahahahahahahahaha =)


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