please, no pressures

The palm of my hands sweat every time I need to beat a deadline; my boss notices how wet my computer mouse gets when he checks on my drawings. But my whole system remains focused and I deliver what is due.

In real life though, I shrug off pressures and act in a calm, Vito Corleone kinda way. That is my front. But deep inside I am struck, struck in a manner that leaves me speechless and stuttering.

A year ago on this very same month, I had the same dilemma and up until today, it is still without any concrete solution. Days will pass, weeks and months will pass too, and this shall also come to pass, but until it shall be fully dealt with, this will resurface time and time again. I will not give up; I won't lose hope.

We will get to where we want to be; you will have your time.

A year ago n this very same month, there was this conversation. Now another one has been added. This time, although innocently brought up, it still adds to what seems like a brewing pressure on my position. This shall be fully dealt with and the moment will come when we have aplenty. I only wish that hope will always be alive.

We will get to where we want to be, time is on our hands and within our grasp.

The palm of my hands may need to sweat, but I shall remain focused and will deliver.

Zai & Alli, the picture will always look bright with the two of you around

final dose:
pleased to have these pressures


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