a letter to myself

Dear Toni,

You don't go start blogging now since you don't have much to write about anyway. The elections are done and your summer vacation trip to Puerto Galera was way over. So don't start thinking about giving new updates. Now this I say to you, in three days time you'll be flying again to the capital and hopefully, your two-week stay there would be more fruitful than your three weeks for none last year. I know you have mixed emotions, what with missing your wife's birthday and celebrating yours for the first time away from your beloved island, plus the anxiety of taking the most important exam of your life by far.

"This is for the future," think of it that way.

Now, talking about the most important exam you'll ever take, this is gonna be your make or break moment. Believe, as they always say, but don't be too complacent; you have the whole two weeks to prepare. Refresh your memories and you can handle it just fine. Think of the many opportunities that will come your way when you can make it. Sacrifice is one of the ingredients to achieve your goal, but hard work is always the key. Sometimes there will be "what ifs," but you can condition yourself after you have done the best that you can do. Don't let it bring you down.

Two weeks. It's just two weeks. Soon you'll find yourself in the loving embrace of your wife and son. When all of this is over, tell yourself to grab a beer and enjoy the world cup, but don't let that sport distract you in any way while you're in the thick of things, preparing. Focus.

Man, best of luck to you! I'll keep my fingers crossed, and please remember that you have your whole family supporting you. They're your inspiration and your determination is nothing but to succeed.


here's a lovely photograph to inspire you all the more

final dose:
one way to release the pressure...


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toni said...

dear self!

all our efforts paid off! whew... after all the sacrifices we made it through, thanks to you. thank you to my ever supportive wife, my son and to everyone who prayed!

i'm now an architect!!!!!



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