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For the days, weeks and months that the Corteses have not been paying much attention to this family blog of ours, our apologies for not updating you on what's been going on in our lives. No worries, soon we will have much to tell and we're pretty excited to share what's been up these past few months.

Now the reason for the silent hiatus is --- aside from the usual "being very busy" excuse, our constant "updater" - the big daddy, Toni, has been preoccupied trying to create his personal work website., Although not completely done yet, here is the sneak peek.

Go and visit http://cortes-architecture.webs.com/ and check out his personal works!

You can even like the pictures in the work gallery page, like this one for example - CIRCLE'S INTERIORS - A.Cortés Architecture + Design

final dose:
soon it will come in a dot com


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