completely stressed out


not even when i was pregnant, not even when i was in labor and NOT EVEN when i didn't sleep enough for the first two months after giving birth.

i'm this way because my wedding is next saturday!!!

oh... i wish we had a big budget for this wedding... that way, i could have hired an organizer and leave everything to her! but nooooooooo... toni and i had to go at it ourselves. we wanted to personalize it. plus, we dont have enough moolah.

half of the training team at work is pissed off at me for getting on their nerves, for sticking my nose into their business, for being a bitch... one even intends to resign because of me!!!

enough said.

final dose: toni has been uber-patient with me. hell if i know how he does it.


posted by A.Cortes on 4:51 PM


dr tes said...

congratulations toni and alli! welcome to the minyo group. way mahayay ha! im so happy for you two!

akosikai said...

congratz power tandem! ^_^

kaith said...

oh congrats to both of u! :)

chelsea said...

weddings may be difficult and stressful to organize but these are things which we would always want to do on our own. like what you said, you want it to be personalized, to be close to your heart. ive always loved weddings. in the world of chaos, its nice to know that there are still people who believe in the sanctity of blessing their union.

michaelwood59 said...

Our wdding was so simple since we didnt have alot of money we went my the city recorders office in formal clothes and paid the fees, exchanged our vows in front of a certified judge and that was it. it was simple but we wont forget it. maybe later we'll have a real wedding with all the fancy things but as long as you love each other, thats whats most important


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