another round of updates

Truth be told, “no internet connection” was the main reason why we were not able to keep up with updates for this blog site. To make matters worse, our application for an internet line was delayed for six months (imagine that). So for once, I’m ruling out the busy schedule as an excuse.

Finally, we now have access to the www. A reason to blog again.

Now, before anything else --- we’re still in the third quarter of 2009 and the year has seen the loss of some prominent figures in the world. The Philippine's master rapper, the 80’s pop sensation, the most trusted newscaster in America , the king of pop, one of the original Charlie’s angels, and recently, the world’s icon of democracy. Rest in peace ya’ll.

Anyhow, there’s much to be said about what we’ve been up to but I seem to have lost my knack for storytelling. As I’m typing, all I see is my forefinger pressing the backspace key repeatedly. So let’s just have a quick rundown:

alli & zai test the webcam

Allison: the wifey has yet again transferred to another job description, but in the same BPO company. From Core Skills Trainer to Language Trainer and now she’s one of the Product Trainers for a certain account. It would’ve been okay for me if it ain’t for her night shifts. You know, it sucks to sleep without cuddling her; at least the little boy is there to compensate.

Zai: the little schoolboy

Zai Angelo: so finally our little boy is now studying. It took us a couple of months to decide whether to enroll Zai for school or to do homeschooling instead. Eventually we’ve come to the decision that postponing school for one more year would only limit his avenue for learning. So far, we made the right judgment. It’s sad though that he had to be absent for two days because of fever.

Toni: proud dad brings Zai to school

Toni: well, a rather sad story for me – My three week stay in Manila ended with a disapproved decision by the PRC – I had wanted to take the board exam for Architecture (application denied for some ruling I can’t fathom). But the good thing is, I am still working for the same architectural office, have been for a little over a year now, and it has been quite a learning experience.

Again just a quick rundown. With the hopes that this would be the start for timely updates.

Final dose:
To remind us that this site is to chronicle our life, we shall blog as often as we can.


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