when your son starts to like robots

Zai Angelo is a spoiled kid!

I could not recall any moment during my childhood days that I’d roll on the floor in a toy store because my parents would not buy me the expensive Nightrider car that goes woosh woosh as the red light beams in front, lest I’d get a beating from my dad. But our little boy does not understand that we can’t always give him what he wants, much more if it’s an expensive toy.

So what do you do when your kid cries so loud, wanting you to buy that Bumblebee toy?

When I was put in this position one time at the mall, I was never really prepared for it. It’s not as if a good parent really knows how to handle every situation. It was just me and the little boy and the eyes of each stranger that passed us by were staring at us, giving me “the look.” At the back of my head, I was thinking about what kind of impression everyone was forming of me, but at the same instance I was looking at the few options I had just to let the little boy stop crying frantically.

At one occasion I tried to leave him – but seeing his face, I couldn’t help but pity him. Then I tried to distract him with other things, but I failed miserably. So I ended up buying the inexpensive Bumblebee toy. And then I saw how his eyes glowed brighter than a thousand fireflies combined. Whew!

From then on, he’d watch the transformers movie over and over, transformed his Bumblebee toy to a car and back to a robot a gazillion times. So much is his fascination that he can almost memorize the soundtrack of the movie. Here’s a video as testament.

Sometimes I think that’s why he is hard-headed, because he thinks he is a robot? Nah.

I think a certain fondness for anything that “more than meets the eye” is not only for kids but for adults too, because now I am looking forward on buying that Optimus Prime toy I promised Angelo as a reward if he gets good scores once their exam results come out. The wifey can’t do anything but just shake her head.

Final dose:
The good thing about having a son is that daddy gets to enjoy playing with his toys.


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