it's the time of year

When the parties just keep on coming, you just have to squeeze in everything into a busy December schedule. Not that we're complaining. But when everything is over, it leaves you very little time to do the necessary holiday errands.

By now, almost everyone should be done with the buying and wrapping of gifts, putting them under the tree... but not us. Because we have been so occupied lately, we haven't found enough time to buy presents for the people included in our Christmas list. And here we are again -- off on another holiday rush.

Zai Angelo ponders on what he wishes to receive for Christmas

Don't we just wish we were kids, when all we care about is the time to tear the fancy colored Christmas wrappers.

We have just started giving our annual newsletter and just like the previous year we are sending our Christmas cards out late again. Our close relatives and friends whom we are mailing the cards to may get it in January 2010. Our apologies in advance.

final dose:
the Corteses
wishes everyone happy holidays!


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