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The last two weeks saw the city of Cebu busy with the Sinulog festivities -- vibrant colors, bustling sounds and the distinct beat that makes the dance what it is. Sinulog is always celebrated every third Sunday of the first month of the year. And like most Cebuanos, we were there.

But for the last three years we really haven’t been able to get a good glimpse of the street parade, with our little boy in tow and the flock of people, we just had to watch the mardi gras from a distance. Good thing we live in Sto. Niño Village, which also has its own version of the Sinulog, celebrated a week after. Although less grand in scale, it still has the same festive spirit, and the best part is, the parade passes right in front of our abode.

the Sinulog parade

So we always make it a point to invite friends and family to our fiesta celebration. And last weekend was just that – our village’s own Sinulog fiesta.

Close friends, family and a bunch of kids came.

the Kids and Adults enjoying the Sinulog fiesta

Our little Zai Angelo had a blast playing and watching the parade. By late afternoon he was already flat tired but woke up around eight in the evening. And in between play and dinner he drinks REAL LEAF GREEN TEA, which methinks got him rejuvenated. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to snap the moments for photographs. We just had to make him pose drinking the REAL LEAF GREEN TEA and submit it as our entry to Miss Neomi’s blog contest as well as YUGATECH’s and also at Kubierto's. Fortunately though, he likes to make the pose equally as he likes drinking REAL LEAF GREEN TEA. He said: it’s like iced tea dad, and it tastes really good, too!

Here are the pictures.

Zai Angelo drinks REAL LEAF after playing, eating or while watching t.v

Final dose:
Hope everyone had fun during the Sinulog.
Have fun drinking REAL LEAF GREEN TEA, too!


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cute naman ng baby

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Real leaf paparazzi said...

h nice one.

A.Cortes said...

thank you for the comments guys


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