great expectations

For people with normal lives, the first working week of the year has just passed. Does it go without saying that when you start the year boring, well, it’s going to end boring? Nay!

2010 – What lies ahead?

I’m pretty sure everyone has been asked this question before -- “How do you see yourself ten years from now?” Not only is this question stupid, it’s ridiculous how we are so eager to say what we can be in ten years time. As we look back, we were never close to what we said long ago. Haven’t you realized that back in the days when the movies predicted flying cars and walking robots by the year 2000, but hey, it’s not happening and it won’t be for the next five years or so. It’s not a question of technology; it’s asking when this will be a reality.

So to be more realistic, I won’t be mentioning any resolutions, any promises that are hardly doable. Let me just give three expectations though for the year ahead.
  • This year, I expect our little boy to graduate from nursery school, and do it with ease and with flying colors at that. Zai Angelo has been enjoying his first year in school and has been learning a lot; it’s evident on how well he converses with other kids and adults, and damn, I’m just so proud of him. I expect him to stay as healthy as he can be, just like last year when he was never admitted in the hospital, as long as being good parents, we will continue to provide.
  • This year, I expect wifey to achieve whatever ideas she has in mind, whatever those may be. Allison has been constant with presenting new approaches, be it at work or in the family. I expect her to do even more, from being the hardworking trainer to a doting mom and a dutiful wife, as long as I’ll be by her side to support her.
  • This year, I expect to be an architect! If the PRC won’t deny my application again and if I’ll continue to have my inspirations – my only determination is to succeed. Now that’s bold.
our little walking robot - Angelo as bumble bee
during the Halloween costume contest at SM City Cebu

2010 – What lies ahead? – More parties, more celebrations and vacations, more love, more beer!

Final dose:
Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise. – Alice Walker


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