brave like bonifacio

Today marks the 147th birth anniversary of gat Andres.

I usually don't give much importance to holidays like these, except that it gives me a reason to be happy for not having to go to work. But this 30th day of November is a little bit more significant for me, and it merits a blog post.

Here's the story.

Today, I was brave. Brave enough like Andres Bonifacio was, but not in a sulong-mga-kapatid way. But I commend my bravery. For with my decision, I have marked the first step to getting out of the corporate architectural office.

I have just tendered my resignation. And that for me is bravery.

I have mustered enough courage to let go, without hesitation and reserve. Even without a new company to fall back on to. And because of that, I am excited to see what 2011 has in store.

Tendering a resignation sounds more like Jose Rizal, just as his pen was mightier than Bonifacio's bolo, so was the reason he is our national hero, and so is the reason I consider myself my own hero today. I strongly believe I have just saved myself. 'Nuff said.

the picture shows no significance at all, just trying to amuse myself

final dose:
underlying statements, blurting out discreetly.


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Anonymous said...


i think its narcissistic to "like" your own blog.


toni said...

para lang mana ma post sa facebook hann, pero yeah cge narcissistic na.... hehehe =P


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