mo siyagit og kusog!

♪♫ Sinulog, isyagit ug kusog; (Pit Señor, Pit Señor) tanan magsaulog
Sinulog, isyagit ug kusog; (Pit Señor, Pit Señor) tanan magsaulog ♪♫

Every third Sunday of January, Cebu celebrates the grand festival that is the Sinulog. And for the past four years, we as a family have always joined in the revelry. We have made it an annual thing, we even have made the same route every year, although the plans vary, it has been quite similar as always.

A lunch at the Binamira's, then a stroll to the streets where the grand parade passed by. Here and there we grab ourselves a beer, stay at a comfortable area, had ourselves dirty with paint and henna tattoo. Then by early evening we drive our little boy home and go out again to party the night away. This year though was a wet one, the rain did not let up. But that did not dampen our spirits to celebrate.

Then as has been annually, a week after the city's Sinulog, is our village's own fiesta. And we have always made it a point to invite friends and family to our house for a little gathering. For those, who had a hard time getting a glimpse of the Sinulog parade in the city, Sto. Niño Village's Sinulog is the better option, as the dancing passes right in front of our house, with a lesser crowd but of course incomparable to the city in terms of grandeur. Nonetheless, the festive spirit is ever present.

Zai Angelo, dances with the Sinulog dancers
view more pictures of the event here and here

Last year we had kiddie games as it turned out to be like a children's party, this year though we still have games but was made for the grown-ups, and with booze overflowing, the night was capped with so much fun.

Sinulog is a Cebuano tradition. We had ourselves made a tradition too, so until the next year's Sinulog. We should party again. Pit Senyor! everyone.

final dose:
♪♫Gisugdan ni balanghay maoy atong dungog
Sayaw nga giparis pag lihok sa sulog
Pangadje ug manampit alang sa Santo Niño
Ihalad ang kinabuhi aron malipay pa ang Ginoo ♪♫


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