i am thankful

Today is Thanksgiving day.
And because it is an american holiday, most Filipinos do not celebrate what today is. But I believe everyone in the world should celebrate a day like this - a day to just be thankful.

And more than an ordinary thank god it's friday, here's a list of what i am thankful for.
  • i am thankful, though 2013 might have been a rough year, we still see the light of day, literally.
  • i am thankful, though the year brought rough patches, we were able to sort out & make amends.
  • i am thankful, though projects were bleak, there were other blessings & we were able to manage.
  • i am thankful for the lessons learned yesterday and that today i have been woken up and given another chance to make even the smallest difference in our world.
  • i am thankful for all the things i mistook as mundane but were actually of great value.
And more than anything else, I am thankful for my wife, my two sons, my family.

 photo magina_zps2fc153c9.png ang akong bugtong gipasalamatan, akong asawa og akong duha ka bugoy.

final dose:
be thankful for today, for today is thanksgiving.


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