keep the faith

His name is Ryan Gil Peru. An architect. My counterpart from Tacloban.

His is a story so disheartening. 
Busy with work, he was assigned in another project far away from home, leaving his wife and family.
The day Yolanda wreaked havoc, he sent me a text message, asking how I was and my family. I replied that we were okay and thankfully so, yes we were really okay. He replied that he was also fine from where he is - in Roxas. He told me that he heard the mall in Tacloban was badly damaged but he can not assess yet of how badly it was.

After that terrible day and when news came out of how devastating the damages brought about by the super typhoon were, I texted him how sorry I was for his hometown and wishing him well. He never replied. Until three days later when I heard the news that he was told to go to Ilo-Ilo, from there he was briefed of what had happened to his hometown, the first time he ever saw on television the gruesome images...from there he was told of his loss. His wife was part of the many casualties.

I may not have been close to him but I feel his loss. I can only imagine how grieving it is, I can never fathom the feeling he has now. I only wish he will be strong.

His and the many other sad stories are always lessons we will learn in life - that it is too short and unpredictable.

I am thankful that we have been spared. Cherish life while we can, appreciate every blessings and forever be grateful to HIM.

To Ryan and to all the others who have suffered, you'll always be included in our prayers. Keep the faith and be strong.

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final dose:
this too shall pass and we will all rise again.
Pre, God bless you always and may she rest in peace.


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