well, whaddya know

It's the second week of February, the month when love is supposedly all around. I am still not gettin' any lovin' at all - be it from employers or prospective clients. But this won't be a rant anymore. I've had it.

So here we are, on our annual Valentines' trip. Since the 14th falls on a Monday, we'll have the trip this weekend. We have been to Baguio and Manila, to Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin, up north of Cebu to Bantayan Island, and now we plan to go south of the Island - to Moalboal. It's a low-budget trip to say the least, but that's not what matters, is it?

This trip has been a tradition, and at the moment I personally look at it as a saving grace to my sanity. Not that I have ill-feelings; I just feel that I really need to take a time-out after all that's been going on, and what better way than to celebrate mushiness on this pre-valentines' outing. Well, whaddya know, after this trip I may be re-energized. I have myself a handful of a schedule by Monday -- another interview with an employer, a meeting with a prospective client and a site visit to a certain project I will be working on. Well, whaddya know, this Valentines' trip might just be the spark to it all and then some. It will also be a good time for wifey and I to get the needed getaway from the city and spend some lovin' on the beach. Well, whaddya know.

alli & toni: a lost & found photograph.
hold on to me hon, the road we're taking is a little bit bumpy

This weekend, the city will host the Visual Graphic Design Conference, and our friend will be one of the speakers who will present. You guys might want to check on that.

Happy Heart's day everyone.

final dose:
Valentine's in this year of the rabbit will give us a humpin' good time. =)


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zeeknoshinowitz said...

Uy, post nasad imo na receive na 6-digit check bai... =D

toni said...

hahaha, amaw man ka just... dili nako mo post ato oi. abi pa lang nag cge ta og hambog. hehehe =)


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