bring it on 2014!

It has been a  (insert any descriptive word) 2013! 
You can put any word you wish to describe the previous year, what ever it may be, let's all be happy we survived. Here we are now with twenty fourteen, the new year.

There will be new things to look forward to, the year will be full of hope - hopefully full of blessings and of love and of joy. So yeah, we welcome you 2014, bring it on!

 photo Bc4RgrDCUAA0FEf2_zpsc20efbf0.jpg Happy New Year greetings from The Corteses
Alli - Toni - Zai - Azi

 photo Bc4RgrDCUAA0FEfblack_zps44b53898.jpgHappy New Year greetings from A.Cortes Architecture + Design

final dose:
this family blog site has been up since 2007.
The Corteses will be blogging on its 7th year now. yay!


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