a scintillating sunday

So at least we're done with one of the requirements for our church wedding, having to endure a seven-hour long boring seminar last Sunday. After two years of being civilly wed and two years of saving, we have come to realize that we need to say our sweet "I do's" in front of a pontiff to have the blessing from our creator.

The Catholic Church requires everyone who wishes to get married to go through pre-cana seminar, and I am not one to oppose lest we do not receive the sacrament of matrimony. BUT it would have been more meaningful and interesting if they provided good lecturers who knew what they were supposed to talk about. It was scheduled at nine in the morning, but because we enjoyed our Saturday night out, we ended up arriving thirty minutes late. Who would want to listen attentively to an elementaryish discussion on topics like -- what is the role of the husband and that the wife should be this and that and yadda yadda yadda. We were prejudiced as we went through a similar seminar when we applied for our marriage license, but it was very consistent that speakers from both seminars actually stated the same reminder. Wife should always boast the ego of their husband. Okay, to boast one's ego is quite, hmmm, confusing. Well, to clarify, the speaker actually meant to "boost." So as the speaker kept on talking about what we found to be unimportant, wifey and I were busy exchanging jokes and keen observations on the ongoing topics.

While we can't hide the smiles plastered on our faces as we go on commenting between ourselves on what the other participants were sharing, the speaker actually got everyone's attention when she stopped talking and asked that she be given some respect. We knew for certain that she was referring to us. Good thing she never really blurted it out, we would have been embarrassed or worse ensued in a lethal exchange of words. From then on, we controlled ourselves as we counted the minutes. Oh gawd! if only I was in the mood to participate, I could have given more cliche answers than those who religiously voiced out. Like when asked to define what LOVE is, one couple proudly said: love is blind. I could have mentioned love is... oh never mind, I would rather rant more than type the other answers not worthy to be written. So we drove home for lunch as we had an hour and a half to spare and deliberately went back late again for thirty minutes.The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing away in the unconducive non-airconditioned room, trying to absorb lectures of what was supposed to be a seminar to prepare us for our married life.

during our civil wedding @ the garden grotto in sto. niño village

So spare yourself the hassle of marriage, if you could pay proxies to disguise as couple in behalf of you then you would not waste a day or two with all these seminars. But don't take my word for it, it was a fun experience nonetheless, I am actually praying that someday the words spoken during pre-canas won't fall on deaf ears.

final dose:
Gaw, the renowned guitarist of Hastang was our classmate during the seminar.
Together with him was of course his fiancee - Phoebe.
We hope they viewed their experience as entirely different from ours.
We bet you can also give more cliche definitions of what love is. Go ahead and humor us.


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desperate blogger said...

so you're architect too? that's nice. you're the first architect that i know who blogs.

i don't even blog about architecture or design tips or anything remotely related to my profession.that would be toxic for me.

i just want to blog about my favorite subject.... me!

A.Cortes said...

well..you can say architect by heart since i still haven't took the licensure exam. probably in the near future...

but i "disguise" myself, if ever i try to talk about architecture and of related topics.

thanks for dropping by. I'll try to give you links of interesting architect bloggers.

iamkaith said...

yay. so meaning, u really have to go through this even if ur already married? a friend attended one of these seminars also, i guess they're just lucky that they had knowledgeable speakers. :)

toni said...

apparently, there's a seminar for the marriage license and another for the church wedding. and if these isn't enough hassle, you might want to go on marriage counseling every month.


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