the weekend that was

Unlike the other Sunday when there seemed to be very few reasons to be jubilant, last weekend was the complete opposite. It must have been the alignment of the stars that allowed us to party on and enjoy, otherwise we'll be forced to believe in the notion that life is like a wheel, sometimes you're up and sometimes you're on the ground, rolling over dung.

Anyhow, as per the first post of this month, March is really a month for marching, or say a merry month for the graduates and a sorry month for those who did not make it. That said, The Corteses would like to extend whooping congratulations to Audrey Arcenas for finishing her nursing degree on time. We're so proud of you, Dodi!!! Audrey's graduation party was the start of a wonderful weekend, a seafood dinner at Saang in Nivel Hills Lahug, Cebu City followed by a farewell party for our friend Steven at The Outpost. On the same note, wifey has been encouraging me to march on stage come Wednesday, but it is more than enough for me to join the list of proud graduates of 2008 as well as add to the growing number of job-seeking individuals pretty soon. I would rather start my hunt for a new job than attend the lengthy commencement exercise, where you sit and wait for hours on end for your turn to be called. Honestly though, I feel it's just a formality, so I do not feel obliged in any way to "march" on stage.

Audrey's graduation @ The Redemptorist Parish Church

Speaking of formalities, we were forced to dress formally for last Saturday night's affair. A coming out party for Mia Arcenas. I wonder why use the term "coming out" party. It makes me think that there can also be a going in party? Huh??? Well, it was one fabulous evening, a party the same as one I pictured Kiki Holcombe (The Fountainhead) would host. While we thought we didn't need consultations from Inno Sotto or Jun Escario, Amparito Lhuillier and Margot Osmeña and even Jaime Picornell made us look underdressed. Nevertheless, Allison looked elegant in her long black evening gown and I on the other hand, felt uncomfortable with my borrowed coat and tie. But it feels great to dress up when the occasion calls for it, makes me practice looking good as I'll soon be facing prospect clients of mine (wink, wink).

the formal family picture before going to the party
toni & alli pose for a toast @ City Sports Club

By Sunday, we celebrated yet another party. This time a thanksgiving for Jo-Ann Ting's passing the nursing board exams. Our congratulations to her also.

Since it would be a miracle now for my VLs to be approved for our Holy Week vacation in Bantayan Island, we can only look forward to next weekend, which would be Black Saturday and Easter Sunday, and hope to have the same kind of fun we had like this last weekend. We sure need to make it up to the little boy, since he somehow seems depressed about not being able to go swimming in the beaches of Bantayan this year.

final dose:
Happy Holy Week everyone!
more pictures of the events here and here


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dr tes said...

they call the place mainit spring in catmon. pretty primitive ang lugar (oops! politically incorrect), its a virgin place, rather. really nature unspoiled kay u have to walk through a uncleared path through the forest, then traverse a river with no banks, u have to hug and climb the boulders, waddle through the pools before you can get to the falls. tiring but very lingaw!

toni said...

walk through a uncleared path through the forest, then traverse a river with no banks, u have to hug and climb the boulders, waddle through the pools before you can get to the falls.

imong description dokhey sounds very adventurous. we'll see kanus-a mi maka lugar og adto.

thanks doc.


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